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Active Environmental Responsibility

Active Environmental Responsibility

We need to build a humanized society for the perspective of Environmental Education

The tragedy occurred last November 5 in the city of Mariana, Central Region of Minas Gerais, has been considered by some experts as the most serious environmental accident in the history of our country. The disruption of Samarco mining tailings dam, of property Vale and Anglo-Australian company BHP, invites us to reflect on the company”s responsibility in the protection of our natural resources. We need to build a humanized society for the perspective of Environmental Education.

The traditional model of environmental management (very weak at the moment in Brazilian politics) is focused on punishing the company with fines and other administrative and legal instruments, rather than creating education policies and environmental incentives and citizen humanization process for this perspective, allowing create in Brazilian society a “feeling ” that all of us, I said all of us, are responsible for preserving and ensuring environmental resourses.

There are numerous actions that companies – and, even more emphatic, that people, because what happened in Mariana is the fault of people, not companies – can take to prevent these tragedies continue messing mud the Brazil”s history. The Agricultural Development Minister PatrusAnanias said in an interview: “It”s sad to say that a simple alarm system could have prevented a death in the region “.

Fausto Azevedo cited in note entitled “Accident Mariana“, an open letter to GT Hans Jonas of the National Association of Graduate in Philosophy (ANPOF). The German philosopher Hans Jonas, which was born on May 10, 1903 inMonchengladbach, Germany, and authority mandatory when meditating about environmental issues and your implications. It is worth mentioning here hum stretch this letter: “Inspired by Responsibility Principle, great work of Hans Jonas Launched in 1979, we believe above of interest make excessive profit, the nature calls for responsibility for well the present and future generations”.

For 10 years I worked in Technology area of agency of the State environmental policy of Bahia, currently Institute for the Environment and Water Resources (INEMA). In this period, I had the opportunityto accompany the construction of a model of Environmental Management Efficient and Responsible with premise the to build the Environmental Awareness, through the Technical Training and involvement of environmental awareness actions in society. Today, practically does not exist anymore. Makes me proud having participated.

At that time, we developed a computerized system that managed all environmental demands from the registration requirement of the citizen until the construction of the various environmental permits, with monitoring of all technical tools used in this release and in terms of commitments and their constraints. With this in hand, it was possible for the public manager “measure” and ensure efficient and effective environmental management through a host of environmental monitoring indicators.

It became very clear the need for categorization of the conditions of an environmental permit and, within them, was created – in an unprecedented manner in the country – the Environmental Education category, which required environmental technician to create conditions for this category in all licenses issued by the environmental agency. There was also, at that time, an Advanced Centre for the Study of the Environment (NEAMA), beautiful, historic building itself, there was an immense thematic library, the most important in Brazil then, and an audience that came to receive in one year more than 2000 young students from public schools to seminars called “Meeting Tomorrow”s Resources”.

Do these initiatives, which currently unaware of the existence, could change the reality of the country? Maybe not, but certainly those people were positively impacted and this made ​​a difference in their lives, as it did in mine.

Anyway, may government and, above all, must do your part. As for us, we must move ourhabits and review our concepts and responsibility attitudes with next and with nature. An American Company Call Wire & Twine created a list of 50 simple ways can wake ecologist inside you, see more:click here!

Our company is supportive and ready this fight and, therefore, provides the tools:

Consulting Environmental Review Procedures

Is the preparation of internal procedures such as applications, forms, reports, among others, to adapt to a computerized system by supporting the activities of Licensing and Environmental Monitoring and, as a result, the preparation of the municipal Environmental Licensing Manual.

Software Environmental Review Procedures

The DOA system is the electronic management of controlled documents, avoiding undue surprises such as missed deadlines that may lead to the receipt of fines and other legal punishments, in addition to severe wear the company”s image.

The registered date before maturity of document or obligation, all the people involved in the company will be alerted by e-mail, so that the necessary care is taken.

Its main function is to monitor and control licenses, terms commitments and environmental authorizations, and you can register the term of the license expiration

and the period of service of all its conditioning, as well as costs for maintenance of the license and fact records as occurred inspections or audits, and an estimate of the cost (or loss) for breaches of such devices.

Fabio Costa is managing partner of TECPLUS, a manufacturer of software and web portals.

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Active Environmental Responsibility